Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just A Number 05272011-"Business"

Two days ago,  Just A Number 05272011 quietly released a new mp3 to The Fader. "Business" indulges a more club-oriented vein than the earlier tunes, "He Didn't Want a Love Song," and "The Pain," both of which we covered a few weeks back

Just A Number 05272011, "Business" by The FADER

In our minds, the rise of Just A Number 05272011 is inseparable from that of the rather unfortunately named Christian AIDS (also on our blog some weeks ago), maybe because they caught our attention--and then everyone else's--at nearly the same time. In that respect, we hope (or do we?) that the two outfits aren't somehow playing a nasty trick on us: if you asked a paranoid, he might say you could hear the rave-happy Christian AIDS producing the track behind those shrieking vocals. They're probably not one in the same, but still. Now we've got you thinking.

That said, this is excellent music, and we should all be happy for the mystery...while it lasts*.


*We would like to throw our hats in here to offer, perhaps, a possible solution to the mystery of Just A Number 05272011. Now, while the moniker sort of suggests that we not question whether the number is anything other than a number--it's "just a number," no need to investigate--the opening line of The Fader's post caused a thought to pop miraculously into our heads:
Just A Number 05272011 have, bar none, the most unwieldy name ever in the history of time and all names in all art forms ever. Just kidding probably. It’s up there for sure though.
It just sort of occurred to us--and I'm sure to many before us--that the number is a date. Maybe for an album: 05/27/2011. Who knows? 

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