Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feature: Visions of Trees

Visions of Trees, the London duo of Joni Juden and Sara Atalar, are probably best thought of as near relations to the wonderful jj pair--the flower children to jj's gangsta, we might say. That is, Visions of Trees' atmospheric conditions are close to the phantasmagoric--their tunes have a nostalgic affinity with, we like to imagine, Druid societies and small towns with co-ops, where the young go partying with every substances you can think of off the top of your head, lost in the woods.

The cuts below are only a sampling of the groovy, Balearic-leaning duo's best work. For a thorough introduction, one might best start with the title track from their February EP, Sometimes It Kills (Moshi Moshi Records), the body of which is as impressive and perhaps, on a track to track comparison, more pop-oriented than the single.

Sometimes It Kills by Visions of Trees

Don't forget to check out the exuberant video for "Sometimes It Kills," either:

The "No Flag (ANR Remix)" and the unexpected but dead pretty Ariel Pink cover, "She's My Girl" are our particular favorites, the Ariel Pink cover offering a spot-on and meaningful correlate for the group artistically. They, like the lo-fi king they honored, seem to be interested in the intersections of nature, sound, and transcendence. The floating, chilled-out quality of their work is miles away from Pink sonically, but they share an obvious, kindred heart.

No Flag (ANR Remix) by Visions of Trees

She's My Girl - Ariel Pink Cover by Visions of Trees

As holds true for a group like, say, Keep Shelly in Athens, Visions of Trees can remix with the best of them. To wit, we give you their remix of oOoOO's "Burnout eyess"

Burnout eyess - oOoOO (Visions of Trees Remix) by Visions of Trees

For a comprehensive look at their work, check out their Souncloud, visit their Myspace, follow them on Twitter and, for the love of God, someone get some blog love on these folks.

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