Monday, March 14, 2011

Just a number 05272011- "He Didn't Want a Love Song," "The Pain"

Just A Number 05272011 is the self-effacing, mysterious moniker of some unknown individual, male or female, or perhaps a collective--the point is, nobody knows. It seems that every time we hear a haunted-sounding pop opus, we suspect Karin Dreijer Andersson (the lady behind Fever Ray, and one half of The Knife) of hiding beneath a witch's cloak, donning a new pseudonym under which she will reinvent her signature sounds that have, in her relatively short time, changed the electronic music scene. The high-pitched, moaning vocals on Just A Number 05272011's "He Didn't Want a Love Song," and "The Pain," certainly conjure Fever Ray's spooked atmosphere, but our mystery artist doesn't rest on simply imitating another musician. "He Didn't Want a Love Song" hovers between worlds of dark warbling and cosmic, almost tropical pop--the accompanying, simple video suggests nothing to the viewer, presenting only the nakedness of the song:

He Didn't Want A Love Song from just a number 05272011

Equally as enjoying, if perhaps a more ambitiously pop-driven number, "The Pain" moves from rainy night sky gloom to island vacation with a sudden breeziness that propels the listener with an almost narcotic strength through the cut.

Latest tracks by Just a number 05272011

"The Pain" video:

The Pain from just a number 05272011 on Vimeo.

We'll be keeping track of this slippery, pronoun-resistant artist, and we suggest you do, too. For now, the only message we have from him/her/they is: "we are just a number 05272011"; we'll be waiting for more. 

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