Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Weeknd: "Rolling Stone" + 6 Other Unreleased Tracks

Three days ago, the lusty, desperate voice of Abel Tesfaye--better known as The Weeknd--was revived in all our heads through the bare, sparse beauty of his new track, "Rolling Stone." Per usual, an intense focus on sex, drugs, and possession anchor the song. One moment Tesfaye sings, "I'm going to keep on smoking till I can't hit another note," and the next he begs, "Baby, love me before they all love me, until you won't love me, because I won't love me". The tiniest jangling sound, almost like jacks in a child's hand, provides a haunted, anxious heartbeat for Tesfaye's echo-heavy vocals: like the sleigh bells on Liz Phair's classic "Fuck and Run," it's this disembodied, but somehow very human, sound that blesses the song.

The Weeknd - Rolling Stone

Beyond "Rolling Stone," there have also been a slew (6, to be exact) of unreleased tracks, all as gorgeous as, frankly, we now expect them to be, if Tesfaye is putting them out. Check those out below as well:

Unreleased The Weeknd

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