Sunday, March 20, 2011

Star Slinger: "H-Town- They Like It Slow (Star Slinger Remix)"

Star Slinger knows he's one of the baddest artists in the game, and if he didn't, he could simply peruse the growing online catalogue of his accolades. Behind the roll-a-joint-and-smoke-it production that hazes over Star Slinger's body of work is twenty-four-year-old Damien from Manchester, whose style came fully formed, teeth and nails and all, at almost the same moment he exploded in worldwide exposure. His 2010 LP, Star Slinger Vol. 1 was an album that delivered the moment of music it was created in to its listeners perfectly. Capitalizing on the feel-good, in-the-ether sampling J Dilla made famous, this first effort hits everything from reggae to soul to mo-town, mesmerizing in its relentless fidelity to an older sound.
 2011 saw the release of the well-loved Teams vs. Star Slinger EP, put out on the excellent Mexican Summer label, followed shortly by his remix of Gold Panda's Marriage EP. Now--approximately six hours ago, according to Soundcloud--he's dropped his remix of H-Town's "They Like It Slow," a four-minute working of the 90's-era R&B cut that, to date, Star Slinger has made two personal statements about: "I made this for my sets in Gothemburg & Stockholm specifically," he says, as well as, "The sun's shining, got the door propped open letting the outside in, rolling one up and gonna chill out and listen to some tunes for a while." What a plan--what a champ. 
Check out his Myspace, follow him on Soundcloud, peruse his Tumblr, twat him on Twitter, and don't forget the official website either. This man is up to his eyeballs in social media--connect with him. 

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  1. total jam! check it in the mix..


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